Tools every DIY mover should have

A DIY mover should have the essential tools when it comes to moving furniture. These tools are easily found at places like Amazon and Ebay. These are tools that I have collected though out the years of moving; some tools were weeded out, but these are the ones I find  fundamental, basic, and vital to moving heavy furniture.

  • Forearm Forklift Lifting Straps “As Seen on TV”
    (I don’t know how I ever got along without these moving straps. They reduce heavy strain on the most vulnerable part of a mover’s body, the back)
  • shoulder straps (They work similar to the forearm forklift by reducing heavy weight from the back by transferring the weight to the shoulders.)
  • rubber bands (Movers rubber bands are made to quickly snap around moving pads)
  • moving pads(If you’re a professional mover I would buy atleast 5 dozens of these, but a DIY mover can rent these  from places like Uhual)
  • rope (I use rope to build tiers on the moving truck) I recommend learning the truckers hitch.
  • knife ( for cutting rope)
  • cardboard (for protecting wood/glass/etc…)
  • bubble wrap (for protecting wood/glass/etc…)
  • hammer (not used much but there are times one is needed)
  • screwdrivers (also have a hex set)
  • dolly (appliance dolly for washer/dryer)
  • 4 wheel dolly ( don’t attempt to move a piano without one)

I’m a professional mover, therefore I have more moving tools at my disposal, but these are some great  moving tools any DIY mover should aquire to make their move go smoothly. I’m sure there are some that I forgot to mention, but with these, 90% of  all furniture can be moved with ease.


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